Two new generators this week, a creature concept and  one for Magic Schools and classes. Both come from the “Quick Generator” series of PDFs brought out by Ennead Games.

Click on the headers to be taken to the generator pages.

Creature Concept
Bleeding Whale Ectoplasmic Ogre
Possessed Abomination Mummified Changeling
Metallic Snake Brutish Turkey
Mature Giant Vivacious Giraffe
Subterranean Rat Amphibious Skunk
Magic School & Classes
Experimental Elementary Communication Aquatic Grey Mentalism
Superficial Easy Geomancy Refined Misleading Wishes
Useful Rudimentary Witchery Temporal Superficial Carvings
Grey Research Inter-Planar Elegant Leylines
Lost Seasonal Omens Obsolete Communication




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