1. Monster encounter ( helmed horror; Construct (CR10); Book: ToH, page 60.)
  2. Food fight occurring
  3. A human woman drops a basket of fruit–can the PCs dodge before squashing some?
  4. Midnight celebration (mostly high elf)
  5. 2 gnome barbarian (level 3-12)
  6. Quiet cryer (human) handing out pamphlets for a tavern (The Phoenix’s Labyrinth)
  7. half-orc cryer for tavern or festhall (The Lantern and the Flint)
  8. Insect swarm on building
  9. Noble out for a stroll (gray elf named Lady Lin T’eng of Hardin, Matriarch of Hescalroth)
  10. Singing floats out of nearby building

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