1.  Your grip on your weapon falters, almost imperceptibly. You recover gracefully, making it seem like a toying swipe.
  2. Your opponent spins away from your well-placed swing with only the strain in their face showing how close to connecting you came.
  3. You strike well, but your blow glances off the brute’s well placed armor.
  4. The blow ends a few inches short of impact. The enemy taunts you, saying, “Ha! Nice try!
  5. You swing low, but he skips lightly backwards, calmly scanning for an opening he can use.
  6. Thanks to your short stature, your tower-shield completely covers you while the volley of arrows bounces off the shield’s metallic surface.
  7. At the last moment his sword flicks up and parries your attack.
  8. You swing your weapon but your enemy desperately bashes it away as hard as he can, and you feel the shock pass down through it, into the bones of your arm. It aches, but you keep on fighting.
  9. The whirling melee seems to slow to a crawl as your opponent’s weapon arcs toward you. You pull back at the last moment, and the blade slashes a line in your clothing.
  10. Your swing ends with a clash of steel as your foe’s blade darts up to intercept yours. A mouthful of disgusting teeth leer at you as your opponent gives you a mocking grin beneath the locked blades.

Created by using : Tablesmith

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