1. An electrum candlestick, engraved with a gecko-like shape (150 gp).
  2. A belt made of zanella (400 gp).
  3. A drinking horn made of (120 gp).
  4. A large well-done wool tapestry depicting a fountain made of Common Honeylocust wood (600 gp).
  5. A natural animal (stag) figurine made of aluminium (30 gp).
  6. A bombazine tapestry depicting a ship made of (40 gp).
  7. A mandolin made of (100 gp).
  8. A scene embroidered on brilliantine depicting a castle in a Red Mulberry –wood frame made of (100 gp).
  9. An electrum buckle, set with 2 hematites (30 gp).
  10. A mandolin made of Tulip Tree wood (700 gp).


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