1 – The “Whhiiiirrrr!” of your shuriken through the air seems to distract the enemy’s mage even as he begins to cast his spell. But what distracts even more is the pain of it embedding itself in the side of his neck and the feeling of blood swiftly flowing from the severed artery.

2 – With a crunch heard across the battle, your strike flies true and leaves your enemy bleeding!

3 – Your shot finds its way to, and through, your target’s throat, leaving them gargling blood and clutching at the gushing wound before collapsing.

4 – Peppering your target with long spiked darts, you find the chink in his armor: right below his thigh, you strike him in the knee.

5 – You quickly launch a volley of missiles, raining death onto your target.

6 – Spinning like mad, the hand axe hits your foe’s shield, then skids across its surface, right into his face.

7 – Your aim is true as your foe doubles over in pain, clutching his stomach in agony, blood collecting in his hands.

8 – You spin at the sound, and the knife leaves your fingers as if it had wings. It flies true, but your assailant ducks at the last second, so that the knife buries itself in his shoulder instead of his neck. He glares murder at you but keeps coming.

9 – By the time the TWANG from your bow is heard, an arrow has lodged itself in your opponent’s torso.

10 – The arrow vanishes into the foe’s armor. A second later, rivulets of blood spring forth from the wound.

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