1. Superstition: The black moon is a sign that you will shortly receive a present.
  2. Superstition: If you fabricate a  pan, you will be blessed.
  3. Superstition: A bones (kobolds) seen in the Dragon Isles on Ambyrmont 27th means you will curse your kingdom.
  4. Superstition: A Huge scorpion venom seen in the Land of Jen (E of ALP) on Ambyrmont 14th means you will wake the slumbering phaeton.
  5. Superstition: A sleeping ape seen in the Province of Red Stone (IOD) on Yarthmont 1st means you will prolong your life.
  6. Superstition: If you spot a undead lion then you will be forced to live a life of sorrow.
  7. Superstition: If a falling star (happens), do drop a Sassone Leaf Residue (Weakened) or else you will be forced to live a life of sorrow.
  8. Superstition: A adult sapphire dragon seen on Nuwmont 28th means you will have a long life.
  9. Superstition: Never cut bread in an uneven manner or else you will go live in exile.
  10. Superstition: If sparks jump(ing) out of the fire (happens), do buy a bolt case or else you will be doomed to failure.


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