1. -A sudden breeze carries the sound of something banging.
  2. -You find a tarnished silver coin.
  3. -A sudden breeze carries the sound of flushing (like toilet).
  4. -You find a cold spot.
  5. -You hear people at dinner (faintly and ahead).
  6. -There is an arch.
  7. -You smell an acrid odor.
  8. -You find a spell component: wax (white).
  9. -There is a trap here: Inflict Light Wounds trap (CR2) Inflict Light Wounds Trap: CR 2; magic device; touch trigger; automatic reset; spell effect (inflict light wounds, 1st-level cleric, 1d8+1, DC 11 Will save half damage); Search DC 26; Disable Device DC 26. Cost: 500 gp, 40 XP..
  10. -There is a message, on the wall, scrawled in white ink that says: ” Radsvid of Hardin was here.”.It is written in ancient dwarven..
  11. -There is a trap here: A vent emits freezing (3d6 cold=17) gas (DC23) when a tripwire is touche (Search DC15; Disable Device DC16)..
  12. -You find a wet spot.
  13.  -You see a trail of dried bloodstains.
  14.  -You find a piece of burned parchament.
  15. -A trace of breeze brings the odor of turpentine.


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