Haunting 1
A ghostly watchdog howls in the kennels whenever a member of the castle owner’s family faces death. It is still carrying out its guard duties as it did in life. It cannot be seen or exorcised while any members of the lord’s family live. If all members of the family die, the ghostly canine is never heard again.
Time of Haunting: Every day of fall.
Haunting 2
A headless horseman (high elf male named Longia Appuleia Ahenobarba) rides the road outside the castle, seeking to take other people’s heads. Treat this haunting as a ghost with a ghost touch sword. Anyone slain by the horseman is found later without a head. This ghost always returns, even if defeated, unless someone can locate and return its original head to it.
Note: If you use the Ravenloft setting, this can be the “Headless Horseman” encounter from the Darklords RR1 Accessory 1991 TSR.
Time of Haunting: Every day when there is a storm.


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