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Ok, I messed up a bit yesterday. I went to release the Thieves guild generator assistant, which is what I have dubbed the online gens I am putting on here for free (You can use them, but you really need the PDFs to take advantage of them) …but didnt upload them properly. Bit of an “egg on my face” moment.

But, not to worry, I now have sorted the issue and there and now not one, but TWO generators have been added.

The first is a Thieves Guild Name (click on link below to be taken to the gen page)

The second expands and references the above gen to give some details :

Sample output :

Name : The Founding Paw
Age : 4 weeks
Current Goal : Rebellion
Fee : 66 coin per month
Leader : Single Leader
Leadership Style : Chaotic
Location of HQ : School
Major Event : Major crime failure
Members : Non-nobles
Numbers : 27
Preferred Crime : Blackmailing
Primary Rule : Never take everything
Security : Arcane wards
Services : Job Assistance
Standing : Hated by all
Symbol : Mask
Targets : Nobles
Training/Skill Quality : Hard to be better
Typical Gear : Caltrops
Wealth : Enough to fill a purse
Weapon of Choice : Dagger (serrated)



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