Drug: Distilled Powder
The Vial has a triangular shape , it has vertical ribbing texture. The powder in the vial is opalescent ivory, it taste like sweet carrots, and it has a dusty smell.
Addiction Rating: Medium
Drug Delivery Ingestion
Satiation: 5 days     Damage: 1d4 Dex, 1d4 Wis
Initial Effect: +2 alchemical bonus to Wisdom and Strength for 1 hour.
Secondary Effect: 2 point of temporary Strength damage
Side Effects: This causes euphoria. While the drug is in effect, the user takes a -2 penalty on all initiative checks.
Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 12-hour period, the user takes 2d6 points of damage. Using it four or more times in a 24-hour period deals 4d6 points of damage and paralyzes the user for 2d4 hours.
Save: Fortitude (DC 10)
Cost: 295 gp
CR: 2

Tobacco: Spicey Pirate
Effects: +1 to Search for 10 minutes.
Side Effects: Headache.
Cost: 14 sp

Drug: Liquid Leviathon Essence
The Vial has an irregular hex (Differing side lengths) shape and the glass is brillan yellow, it has hobnails texture. The liquid in the vial is dark orange, it taste like sickly sweet chocolate, and it has a rank smell.
Addiction Rating: Extreme
Drug Delivery Ingestion
Satiation: 1 day     Damage: 1d6 Dex/Wis/Con
Initial Effect: 1d4 points of temporary Strength damage
Secondary Effect: 2 point of temporary Intelligence damage
Side Effects: None
Overdose: If two doses are taken within the space of an hour, or if it is taken in another way than the delivery method, the drug is a deadly poison (DC 17, 1d10 Con/1d10 Con). The addicts often throw out the drug as soon as they take it and make sure that only one dose is available at a time in order to make sure they cannot overdose on the deadly drug.
Save: Fortitude (DC 35)
Cost: 3,130 gp
CR: 8

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