Adventure Outline – “One of our actors is missing…”
The Theatre and Actors Guild needs your players help to locate a missing actor

The Theatre and Actors Guild (TAG), is well know across the region for promoting and assisting it members and helping when disputes arise.
Their members work together to better the industry as a whole and are in many ways the same as any other trade guild. This however requires funds.
Some of this money comes from member tithes but TAG also runs regular fund-raising events and special shows. occasionally they manage to get assistance from business and famed actors from across the land.

The next fund-raiser, on paper at least looked like it cold be their biggest event yet. Not only did the playwright , Jan “Angelus” Gotfreid take time of from her normal work to write the script, but they also managed to convince Sha’roh, the world-famous and award-winning actor to perform in it..for free!

The work proceeded without a hitch, until 2 days before opening night, when Sha’roh failed to turn up for final dress-rehearsal, making almost everyone ask the question:

Where is Sha’roh?

  • One of the PCs knows someone who is working on this production and their working lives will be ruined if this fails
  • One or more of the PCs has money or time invested in TAG and it’s in their interests to make sure this event occurs
  • A boss or mentor or one of the PCs asks them to look into this situation as there as been something “off” about this production from the start

Possible Twists & Rumors

  • Gotfreid arranged to have Sha’roh killed due to him almost ruining a play Gotfreid did when she was younger
  • Gotfreid and Sha’roh are actually 2 parts of the same being, a shapeshifting creature who feeds on the emotions generated in theatre productions, but is not aware of what the other part is doing when separate
  • Sha’roh has been kidnaped by a rival guild in an attempt to ruin TAGs reputation
  • Sha’roh has been blackmailed or bribed not to show up
  • A wizard with access to a doppelgänger and polymorphic style spell is being asked to stand-by in case they can’t find Sha’roh in time


This was created based on the ideas in this post

Article Used as Inspiration: League of Resident Theatres

This adventure outline is to help start off your own ideas. The details are left to you to decide, such as rewards, difficulty of any creatures or NPCs encountered etc.


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