Sometimes you need a name just to get started. Here are 10 random adventure names. Roll a D10 and see what you get

  1. Canyon of Law.
  2. Descent into the Isle of Dawn.
  3. Recovery of the Assassin’s Rod.
  4. Slaver Mazes of the Undercity.
  5. Quest for the Forsaken Undercity.
  6. Island of the Rooster Overking.
  7. Vengeance of the Spectre Queen.
  8. Search for the Forsaken Crown.
  9. Attack of the Arrowhawk God.
  10. Manors of the Unicorn prince Regents.

And here’s another 10 as well

  1. Seal of the Efreeti.
  2. Pillage of the Bugbear Prince.
  3. Colleges of the Yrthak kings.
  4. Destruction of the Fool’s Staff.
  5. Quest for the Arycelmir’s Scepter.
  6. Lake of Bogtal.
  7. Quest for the the Claw Peninsula.
  8. Illithid Metropolis of Khurgeret.
  9. Elemental Forge of Ixion.
  10. Dornal Shrine.
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