Aqua Planet
Aqua Planet (AP) , the full official name being Aqua Planet Aquarium and Entertainment Park. Originally formed as a public aquarium almost 70 years ago, AP started small and grew almost every year until it got to the size it is now. It employes almost 700 people, from keepers to cleaners to guides and custodial staff.

AP features many aquariums and tanks. The animals, who are often refered to as the residents, range from small seahorses to massive whales with virtually everything in-between, including some penguins. Located on the coast, it has a freshwater zone, tropical waters zone and salt-water zone.

One of the most popular attractions is the daily feeding of the animals, especially the whales, dolphins, penguins and the piranhas, each with many visitors each day. The park also offers a “swim with the animals” program , with the dolphins being very popular, but you have to go through a rigorous process to swim the sharks.

Apart from the animals, there are many other attractions at AP, from guided walks, to a water slide that goes under the water and allows you to slide under the shark tank and past some of the other animal tanks and feel like you are swimming with them.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Aqua Planet is being sued by another company who claims that their logo is an almost direct copy of theirs.
  • AP is running a “Adopt an Animal” drive to help raise awareness and much-needed funds.
    A rival park owner is looking into buying AP and making them part of their own rapidly growing entertainment park network.
  • Several of the animals in the park have started getting seriously ill. The diseases (or to be more correct multiple diseases) is spreading amongst the residents and the public haw almost stopped attending the park due to fears of contamination and infection. The park is asking for help in determine the source of the infection and putting a stop to it.
  • One morning, all of the whales in the park have gone missing from their massive containment tank. Security was found asleep and no clue have been found to figure out what has happened.
  • A rare jellyfish is being brought into the park as they have the only facilities to keep it alive within range of it being caught.
  • Remains of a human were found in the piranha tank. Help is being requested to find out not who the poor remains belong to but who on the staff helped as the piranha tank requires two staff members to open for feeding.

Inspired by : SeaWorld

Volume 6 of the compiled and updated Campaign Chunks is available at–Volume-6

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