Photo from Varsity Pro Wrestling charity show
Photo from Varsity Pro Wrestling charity show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9.2 – Wrestling Academy

Professional wrestling (sometimes called pro wrestling or even simply wrestling) is an athletic form of entertainment based on a fictionalized, highly exaggerated portrayal of a combat sport. It is overseen in one area by an organisation that calls itself “The Wrestling Academy”. Originally formed 145 years ago to help teach and promote “the noble art of professional wrestling for the modern gentleman”, The Wrestling Academy (TWA) gradually took on the role of promoter.

It is a public “secret” that the fights are, for want of a better term, staged. The viewers know they are watching a fight in which the winner has already been decided on, but the question becomes HOW the decided winner will win. Although they are not allowed to openly speak about it, it has become clear that the most popular and entertaining wrestlers are the ones who are allowed to “win”. Even so, by putting up a good show, it increases the popularity of the character they are playing and thus increases the chances of the wrestler being invited back for further performances. Every wrestler has their own unique character and costume. Some play as the good guys others as villains. At the end of the day as long as the audience is entertained, the individual performer is allowed almost free rein with their persona.

Every year the TWA organisers approximately 30 official fights, with many friendly matches. The big event for fans and participants is the TWA Eternal Glory fight. This is the chance for every fighter to make a name for themselves, to show off the skills they have been honing and to raise their fan level. The winner gains a lucrative contract for the next 2 years and their likeness in the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Hooks & Rumours

  • There are calls for TWA to change its name to something more modern. Suggestions have been put forward and are being looked into, but there are protests from die-hard traditional fans to keep the old name. It is causing tempers to fly and heated arguments to break out.
  • The female side of TWA fights has been growing in popularity the last few years, despite opposition and ever-increasing outrageous and false claims that the sport is more dangerous for women. No-one has been able to find out who is making these accusations as they so behind masks and disguises. There is a reward being offered to discover the source of these annoying claims.
  • The last wrestler to win the prestigious TWA Eternal Glory Fight Belt has gone missing with the belt and both need to be found before the next tournament which starts in 3 weeks time.
  • In the last fight, one of the wrestlers actually hurt his opponent when a chair he was given to break over their head turned out to be real. The victim, one of the most popular wrestlers in the region, is currently in a coma and the one who hurt him is swearing that the chairs were changed at the last moment. the TWA has so far made no comment.
  • A set of twins has entered the spotlight. Their performance is causing a bit of a stir as they are acting as a demon and angel. Some religious groups are calling for them to be banned, bu others are supporting them.
  • The Hall of Fame has suffered a terrible accident. Almost all the pictures and memorabilia has been damaged in some way but is repairable. Investigators believe it to have been an act of deliberate arson

Inspired by: Professional Wrestling

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