9.9 – The Easty Spiker

The Easty Spiker is what is known as a serial killer. A serial killer is someone who murders several people at different times. Typically male, a serial killer’s crimes are nearly always alike in some ways. The killer may only attack a certain type of person, for instance, women of a certain age or appearance. They may always use the same kind of weapon to kill his victims, or may treat them in a certain manner, such as removing their ears, or placing the body in a particular position.

The Easty Spiker (ES) is one such serial killer, found in the town of Easty. Their method of killing is always to drive a large metal spike through the victims nose, into their brain. In a certain macabre fashion, they seem to treat the rest of the body with respect and kindness, making sure that electrical devices are turned off, doors closed and, oddly, any mess tidied up.

So far there have been 9 victims of the ES, with them all over 47, with no other pattern being noticed. Rich or poor, black, white. The only other factor they share is that are all living in what was once considered to be the original town limits. Easty has expanded over the years since its original founding 102 years ago. The killings always seem to occur at night, inside their homes, with no signs of a break-in. This last fact could be due to the neatness of the ES, but police are not ruling anything out.

Hooks & Rumours

  • A popular idea is that the ES is, in fact, the child of the local police chief who went “missing” around the same time of the first murder.
  • The spikes used by the ES have all come from one location, an abandoned train yard outside of town. They suffered a massive break-in just before the murders started and 200 of the spikes were reported missing.
  • Some are saying that the ES is trying to drive people out to affect property prices, as the killings started not long after plans were announced to build a massive entertainment park nearby.
  • Police have found evidence that suggest an ex-resident of the town may be the killer. However, this person has not been seen for almost 20 years and was believed killed in a war overseas.
  • The latest of the victims somehow survived their encounter with the ES and is now under careful guard at the local hospital. Reporters and visitors are being kept away until police have had a chance to speak to the victim.

Inspired by: Serial Killer

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