Vertigo City

Approximately 30 years ago, a section of what was once called Hangoon City was scheduled for demolition. Whilst applying for the appropriate permits and certificates, it was discovered that due to an ancient law, one particular are was in fact owned by no-one and was considered to be public land that could be built on by anyone. Those who built there would be considered the owners and could not be removed. This area was approximately 65,000 m2 and right smack in the middle of the planned construction area. Whilst researching the law that allowed them to stay there, a resident discovered that there was a clause that said if the location was built on it could not be touched for a further period of 3 months, per building. For some odd reason the loophole did not permit any deconstruction on the land except in cases of emergency. In effect, this meant that as long as buildings were constructed on the land, it would be safe.

In a matter of weeks the first new building went up. Then another. Then a third building. Eventually, the grounds had been covered in buildings. All parkland was gone. All public land was built on. Then the designers and builders who lived there started to get creative and built on top of existing buildings. Then these buildings were built on. Then they started building below existing ones, then between. The area was a rapidly becoming self sufficient as the population didn’t rise that much and hovers around the 40,000 mark.This city section soon got the name “Vertigo City” from those nearby and the residents quickly adopted it as symbol of pride and defiance. Schools, business and offices sprung up. It was said that some of the population could be born, lie and die all within the walls of the city, without ever setting foot outside.

The section of the city was becoming cut of from the rest of Hangoon as construction and clearing began on the area around it. Eventually, Vertigo city, as the residents and authorities dubbed it, was cut off from the main city. Underground power lines and sewage pipes was the only thing that now connected them to the main area. That and one lone road. Around the rest of Vertigo City was in effect a wasteland/construction site.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Authorities are-looking into the original law that allowed Vertigo City to come about in the first place. If this law can be removed then the land on which Vertigo City resides would revert to being owned by the government.
  • No new buildings have been added for a long time and the residents are appealing for designers to help in the construction of something new to help them stave off being evicted
    Vertigo City is experiencing a unprecidented population boom. Residents have suspected the government of tampering with the water supply.
  • The only road that leads into VC has become very pitted and full of pot holes. Whilst it’s not the governments fault, they are not working to fix the problem. Delivery drivers are refusing to use it to enter VC. A few of the more enterprising companies have started using helicopters and other flying devices to get into the city.
  • The child of a famous actor has gone missing in VC after a day spent touring there.

Inspired by : Kowloon Walled City

Volume 7 of the compiled and updated Campaign Chunks is available at–Volume-7

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