English: Cover of the pulp magazine Weird Tales
English: Cover of the pulp magazine Weird Tales (Photo credit: Wikipedia), similar to “What if?”

“What if?” Magazine

“What if?” started life as a pulp magazine. A pulp is an inexpensive fiction magazine which gets it name from cheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed. “What if?” is a speculative fiction magazine that also covers, what they call “Tales of Whimsy and Delight,” a sub section within the magazine that covers fantasy or joyful stories. Eventually, they shifted over to regular paper, then to the same as other magazines, but the name had stuck.

First published by Atomic Papers 59 years ago, first started publishing small stories for writers who had not been published before. They covered a wide range of sub-genres, with the most popular being “What if?”, which covers events that might have been or alternate histories and which gives the magazine its name. When originally published the magazine came out once a week, but this was quickly changed to every 2 weeks within a few months. Within a few years the popularity had soared and every bookstore and newspaper stad had a copy of “What if?” for sale. Although they had a decline a few years ago and almost went bankrupt, Atomic Papers has relied heavily on “What if?” and now focuses purely on the magazine publication

Each issue features an editorial, a “What if” and is often themed around a certain subject, such as a war, or other important event. Sometimes, if they have advanced notice of the event, they tie the issues theme around something that is occurring. Sales spike as people collect the magazine a souvenirs.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Several attempts have been made to buy out Atomic Papers by rival magazines and companies. The latest has presented an extremely tempting offer but something about the owner doesn’t feel right. The party has been asked to investigate the owner to find out what if the offer is true as it seem way over the top for a simple pulp magazine.
  • With the 60th anniversary of “What if?” coming up, a big celebration is planned in the city, but a vocal minority are disgusted with the “moral depravity the magazine continues to parade around the city for all to become corrupted by”
  • A rare mint copy of “”What if?” #1 is up for auction and is being authenticated by Atomic Papers
  • An editor of another magazine that was once published by Atomic Papers has come forward with evidence that could seriously harm the magazines reputation. It is believed that this person has a grudge to bear against Atomic Papers and needs investigation.
  • In the last first issues, the regular “What if?” column has been scarcely accurate with predicting events that would occur. The latest issue has detailed a major disaster is due to occur and people are starting to panic.
  • Records are showing that the family that owns/runs Atomic Papers brought the idea of “What if?” from another and that their ownership of the magazine is due to revert to the original owner within 12 months.

Inspired by : Pup Magazine

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