Organ Harvesting, that is to say the illegal removal of organs from a “donor”, has been going on for a long time. Quite often the donor is left in such a way that they will not die right away, such as being in ice and given pain killers. A few are not so lucky and awaken to find themselves being healed together by poor stitching and still bleeding. Then later the infections set in. This all assumes the donor did not die during the procedure.

The market for illegal organs is quite lucrative. Most are stolen to order, with buyers paying high prices for an organ that s meets their exact medical requirements, such as blood type and other compatibility requirements.


  • One of the players wakes up after a night out partying, with a scar on their side. On investigation they have not lost any organs but appear to have a new one placed inside them.
  • Some animals, such as pigs, are being used to provide knock-off organs for those who desperately need them.
  • A cult has been harvesting organs as “donations” to be used as offerings in their foul rituals. The more powerful the person, the greater the offering is perceived to be.
  • A labratory has been discovered with over a thousand perfectly preserved and viable organs preserved. Investigators belive this is some kind of cloning facility, whilst others think this is some form of magic used to control the donors.
  • Several beings who had their organs harvested and returned succesfuly have reported that they are getting vivid hallucinations related to the others who were harvested at the same time.

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