Every year, 4 weeks after the winter solstice, the city of Touchlem holds a carnival. Beloeam, the city’s founder, set out 300 years ago to forge a new city-state, away from the oppressive regime at the time. No-one knows who suggested the idea of a carnival to celebrate the founding, but the first “official” one was 75 years ago. There had been numerous celebrations before that, but it was a more informal affair.

The Carnival has grown from a small procession to a day long party, ending with a massive firework display at midnight. People are encouraged to try to do new things and to celebrate all the good things that have happened across the year. One part of the carnival that is popular with the locals is the “Running of The Bull” – The Bull in this case being the Mayor, who , whilst wearing a bull costume, is pelted with tomatoes as they run from one side of the old town walls to the other, a distance of about 1 mile. Traditionally, a child who has done a great deed (or chosen at random) is allowed to throw the first tomato and therefore mark the start of the run and the official start of the carnival.


  • A few people are suggesting the carnival be moved to a more pleasant time of year, like mid-spring. Traditionalists are up in arms at this suggestion and some are getting aggressive, almost violent.
  • Evidence has surfaced that Beloeam was in fact not a pioneer, but that him and his clan was in fact exiled. This evidence is planned to be released at the next carnival.
  • Although the carnival is relatively crime free, security is still needed.
  • The chosen child for this year opening Running of the Bull is in fact an adult with a severe growth problem. This “child” is in fact an assassin hired to kill the mayor with something contained within the tomato.

This was created based on the ideas in this post

Article Used as Inspiration: Carnaval San Francisco

This adventure outline is to help start off your own ideas. The details are left to you to decide, such as rewards, difficulty of any creatures or NPCs encountered etc.

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