English: an Ankh Español: Un ankh
English: an Ankh Español: Un ankh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ankh of Tiumautef

The ankh is the most well-known symbol to come out of ancient Egypt. An ankh is a cross like object, with a loop on the top arm. In they were/are used to symbolise “life” or “eternal life” and are often depicted being held by the gods by the top loop or one in each hand, arms crossed over the chest. They come in various sizes and materials, with the more fanciful ones belonging to nobles and other important people.

Tiumautef was a priest of Anubis and , unusually, not many records of his life remain. Even the tomb in which the ankh was found was largely empty and had no decorations apart from the sarcophagus and the simple hieroglyphs that, when translated read “Here Lies Tiumautef, Preist of Anubis. banished from the Two Fields for….”. The translation here is debated, due to the hieroglyphs being damaged and broken.

This particular ankh is 4 inches wide and approximately 8 inches long. On the surface, it appears to be quite plain,made from a dark wood like material. Picking it up reveals this to be not true as the ankh is rather heavy for its size. Simples tests show that the ankh is made from a heavy metal that resembles steel and is magnetic. It has a gold covering and small hieroglyphs that praise Anubis, Thoth, Ra etc and ask for forgiveness to the bearer.

When grasped firmly, the ankh feels like it has faint vibration running through it, almost electrical.
If placed against metal, the ankh will stick as if magnetic
Anything within 2 meters that is sensitive to magnetism reacts badly or shuts down.
Those with neurological or mental diseases and disorders, find they are lucid and the symptoms go away whilst the ankh is being held

Hooks & Rumors

  • There are some who belive that Tiumautef was in fact a woman – If this is the case, who was she and why did she use a male name?
  • The metal the ankh made from is a form of steel that cannot be replicated , even with today’s technology
  • A few scholars belive the writing on the ankh to have been mistranslated and is in fact a plea to Anubis and Thoth to keep a watch on the body this item was placed with and to prevent it’s ascension
  • Not long after the ankh was placed in a museum, many a dead body started to be found in the same building, hundreds, if not thousands of years old.
  • The ankh is being examined by top scientists to understand the almost healing like properties and guards are needed to escort it to the next location that is examining it.

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