Almost 1000 years ago, when the country was still divided, the eastern kingdom was ruled by a king called Brenlon the Red. Brenlon gained his nickname from the fact that before a battle he would smear his body with a bright blood-red ink or paint made from a local fungus. After donning this covering, Brenlon was known to become a ferocious berserker. Legends tell that his mother was raped by a viking berserker and this passed down to his children, along with his hammer which crushed those in front of him and often those close to him. Fighting alongside Brenlon was a dangerous, if not exciting affair.

Brenlon’s reign came to bloody end after a day long battle against a minor tribe that was trying to attack one of the regions under his rule. By the end of the day he was battered, cut and claiming the gods were calling to him. By sunset, he was dead.

The funeral pyre the next day was seen for miles around and burnt with a brightness that had an odd colouration to the edges of the flames.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Many claim Brenlon did not exist and any reference to him in so-called historical records are in fact a reference the northern king who had a brother called Brenlan.
  • Investigations into the earth around where Brenlon was meant to have lived has reveled that there is a large amount or a hallucinogenic fungus once existed in the area. Scientists want the area investigated to try to find a viable spore.
  • Brenlon used a hammer when in battle when the rest of the region used axes and swords. This hammer has been rumoured to have been found by a treasure hunter who has now gone missing.
  • There is mounting evidence that the “minor tribe” Brenlon died after driving back was using weapons and armor supplied by the northern kingdom. The present day rulers wish this to be investigated and debunked as this evidence is coming at a time of heightened relations.
  • The location of Brenlon’s funeral pyre is “discovered” every so often, in a new area each time. The present rulers of what is now the Eastern Kingdom demand a final, official answer to this mystery

This was created based on the ideas in this post:

Article Used as Inspiration: Rædwald of East Anglia

Stats and details are expressed in generic terms to allow for use in as many games and genres as possible. As with other Campaign Chunks this is designed to be used as a starting block for your own ideas.

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