Traditional target arrow and replica medieval ...
Traditional target arrow and replica medieval arrow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Demon Blood” Arrow

An arrow is a shafted projectile that is shot with a bow. It is something that is common to almost every culture. They consist  of an arrow-head, with a shaft of a typical flexible material such as a softwood, and fetching at one end with the arrowhead at the other end of the shaft. the arrowhead can range from the blunt type to the narrow target points.

The so-called “Demon Blood” arrow is a rare type of arrow in that it is composed mostly of obsidian. The fetching and binding agent are the only parts not made of obsidian. The name Demon Blood Arrow comes from the fact that the first recorded mention of them comes from an ancient text, which, loosely translated said “..soon the archers drew forth from their pouches the arrow of darkness, as if demon blood was made solid. The arrows screamed across the battlefield seeking their target and killing them with one shot”. When fired a DBA is surprisingly accurate. Also given the correct conditions and skill of the user, the arrows can be made to sound like a screaming demon as they fly towards their intended target, so even if they miss, the damage to morale can sometimes be enough to turn the tables in battle.

Modern weapon makers have tried to duplicate the demon blood arrow, but so far have failed. A few have come close with a form of hardened darkened glass, but have yet to duplicate the infamous screaming effect.


Hook & Rumors

  • A batch of Demon Blood arrows has been found buried under a very important civic building undergoing renovations.
  • Some belive that in the legend that using a Demon Blood Arrow drains the life of the user to kill the target
  • A batch of 10 DBA on display has gone missing. Two days later a prominent yet unlike politician was found dead, with one of these imbedded in their face. Two days later, another, under similar conditions, but with a note saying “More to come….”
  • Legends say that the mere act of holding a DBA condemn your soul to a long-lasting torment,unless you are holding it with the purpose of destroying it, in which case you will be rewarded.
  • Testing on the arrowheads has revealed a hallucinogenic, still potent after hundreds, if not thousands of years.
  • A few culture ban the possession of these arrows without a licence and the players are tasked with retrieval of some from a unlicesed user.

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