Influenza, often called Flu, is an infectious disease caused by an Influenza virus. There are several version that exist, such as Bird flu or Swine flu. This particular version is called Hunters Flu. It gained its name from the fact it was first noticed among wildlife hunters in the southern forest regions. Like “normal” flu, the symptoms include fevers, coughing, nasal congestion etc. As an addition, the one suffering from it also become highly sensitive to sunlight, causing them pain. Oddly, most artificial lights do not induce this pain, leading a few to belive it is in fact a reaction to ultra-violet light.

The typical duration of the influenza is 72 hours, with an approx duration of 24 hours where the patient is contagious. thankfully, the death rate from the virus is virtually zero, but those with it are advised to stay away from pregnant women or anyone with a weakened immune system

Hook & Rumors

  • This virus first appeared 20 years ago. It is believed to have been engineered or artificially created.
  • The sensitivity to sunlight is not a normal symptom of any known Influenza. Scientists want to find Patient Zero of HF to find a “pure” sample of the virus
  • The virus is unusually resistant to medication and appears to be getting stronger year by year. Some belive that within 10 years the virus will be immune to all known medicines
  • Some pregnant women who become infected with HF before the 6th week of pregnancy have noticed that their children are being born with bright green eyes, despite the eye colour of the parents – Has there been any other changes to their child?

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