Erdan Triangle
A “Triangle”, in this context refers to an area or location roughly shaped like a triangle that contains alleged paranormal phenomena, such as UFO sightings, balls of fire, people disappearing and more. The so-called Bermuda Triangle is the most famous example of this concept.

The Erdan Triangle (ET) is quite small, with each side only being only 50 miles across. One corner is the seaside town of Erdan, one is a now extinct volcano and the other a small island used as a nature preserve. When viewed on a map, the triangle formed by these 3 locations is a perfect equilateral triangle.

The area has always been known for being a relatively stable and calm location. It was not until recent history (50 years or so) that increase in sighting and hallucinations began to occur. People would see what looked like ghostly apparitions flying across the water. Some would see two suns in the sky and others would see the stars disappear in the middle of a clear night-sky. The last few years have seen a 10 fold increase in the sightings, with a new one being recorded at least every couple of weeks.

The local authorities are becoming concerned about the increase in mental disturbances and sightings. and the tourist trade from people coming to experience the “Erdan Effect” is rising, bringing much-needed income to the area.

Hooks & Rumours

  • The nature preserve on one of the ET’s corners is believed in fact to be a dumping ground for military experiments.
  • It is believed that some kind of natural forming gas in the area is responsable for the increase in hallucinations.
  • Records have been discovered of a town on the same location of Erdan but almost 250 years before the official founding. It was apparently destroyed in a massive fire after an “orgy of blood and violence which caused the river to run red”
  • There is a persistent rumour that the Erdan Effect is in fact a ploy to get tourists into the area and that all the “official” sightings are from people bribed by the authorties to spread these rumours.

Inspired by : Bermuda Triangle

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