Almost every culture celebrates the end of their year, with the only major difference being when this occurs in relation to others. Their year count is increased by one and , for the most part, celebrations and party’s occur. For a few though the New Years day(NYD) is a time of quiet contemplation and reflection.  Whatever the reason,  NYD is an important day of the year. There are a few cultures that celebrate a “moveable” new year day that is based on some event that has a variable or unpredictable occurance, but these are rare to find.

Possible Reasons for when NYD is celebrated

  • Shortest day of the year
  • Founding of the Kingdom/Empire
  • Birth of important historical figure
  • Regular Celestial Event
  • Calendar reset


  • A major event,such as the founding of a empire, has prompted calls for moving the NYD celebration . However, the existing day is also a relgious holiday and the state church is fighting this idea
  • A secret cult established the current NYD celebration as part of a very long-term (over 1000 years) plan to channel the energy generated by the celebrations to a “Being-from-beyond”. This was hidden and only the cult knows the truth. Once enough energy has been gathered, the Beast shall break though into this reality and begin feeding
  • A rare conjuction of both an eclipse, a comet and the NYD celebrations has been predicted to occur. This is of great interest to astonomers and scholars of the occult, but holds no other mystical properties. Howver, the local population are starting to panic and a few of the local criminal gangs are stoking the panic in the hopes of causing a riot and chaos that they can take advantage of.

This was created based on the ideas in this post

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This adventure outline is to help start off your own ideas. The details are left to you to decide, such as rewards, difficulty of any creatures or NPCs encountered etc.

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