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Goat Refuge
20 years ago, the Goat Refuge was founded as a charity organisation to help with – and caring for goats. Over the years it has branched out to caring for pigs, dogs, cats and chickens. Recently they have taken in an orangutan as well.

Set in a rural woodland area, Goat Refuge is a 20 acre location, with a small pond/lake in the north-west corner. There is an adminstration building and the main home for the animals right next door to it. The are many tree stumps and rocks for the goats and other animals to climb. They have also recently put in a climbing frame for Mikey the Orangutan.

The Goat Refuge holds regular open-days and supports the local schools for field trips and the chances for people to meet and interact with the animals. The baby animals prove to be very popular, especially amongst the children.

Hooks & Rumours

  • The current owner/operator wants to stop taking in goats for re-homing and caring, but has yet to give a reason why.
  • The next annual charity drive is coming up and the players are asked to contribute in someway, either through volunteering or contributing in someway. there are believed to be some very important and high up people attending so this would be the perfect opportunity to make contacts and impress some locals.
  • 2 years ago about 1/2 the animals died under rather mysterious and bloody circumstances. The Goathouse has recently received a message in garbled form that this is about to happen again.
  • Some food has been publicly donated by a mysterious benefactor. Enough to help the shelter out for almost 6 weeks and cash for another 6 months. Several famous NPC are claiming in the press and media that they are the ones who donated. Whilst no-one really minds who donated, Goat Refuge management would like to thank the right person.
  • Pressure is being put on the Goat Refuge to move to another , admitily larger location, for some undisclosed reason. However the current operator is refusing, stating it would traumatic for the animals and costly. There is a rumour that there is something of great value buried on the land somewhere.
  • Despite good security measures, Mikey the Orangutan has gone missing. There is no sign of a break-in and it would have been difficult, if not impossible for him to climb out, so where has he gone?
  • In an effort to help support the refuge, the owner approached a designer to help make new logos for mugs, T-shirts and other items to sell. Despite being paid, the designer has of 6 months later, not done any work and is refusing to do the work and even gone public to mock the refuge. They are now pleading for help to resolve the matter.

Inspired by : Goathouse Refuge

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