English: The Door to Hell (in the nighttime) /...
English: The Door to Hell (in the nighttime) / Turkmenistan, Darvaza Česky: Brána do pekla (v noci), Darvaza, Turkmenistán (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A hell portal is named after a location in Derweze, Ahal Province, Turkmenistan. It is in fact a natural gas field that was set alight by engineers and has been burning ever since. The locations got its name from the fact that it resembles a door to a hellish location, full of fire and brimstone and the torture of souls. It was thought to be a unique , if not rare location, limited in possible sites due to the gas fields.

This was until a year ago when a “Hell Portal” (as the phenomena has been dubbed), was found in the middle of the Sahara desert, miles away from any gas or oil field, the heat surrounding the portal turning the sand into a form of glass. This particular HP is rather small, with a diameter of about 30 meters and a percived depth of 5 meters. The actual depth is unknown as any probe or device that has been lowered into the portal has never returned, even when using the most high-tech equipment. For some odd reason that if baffling everyone is the fact that as any probe crosses the 5 meter point all signals are lost, even if the probe is hard-wired and any signal is sent via a cable.

Another was found 2 weeks later on a secluded private beach in south Florida. It appeared overnight and no other unusually activity was found in the area. Over the last year more and more of these “Hell Portals” have started to appear. All in sandy/desert like areas,all with an approximate diameter of 30 meters and all defying internal examination past 5 meters.

Hooks & Rumours

  • One conspiracy theory is that the portals are the result of a new type of drilling down in the area, causing the ground to react badly and form this holes.
  • It is believed that the HP are all in locations where meteors landed in the past and these meteors contained something that prevents any signal from going past them when this material is heated up.
  • The glass found around the holes has usually optic properties. Light projected through the crystalline structure appears to go faster, rather than slower.
  • One of the portals has rapidly cooled to the point it has formed a deep tunnel underground. A Party is being assembled to investigate the tunnel and examine the remains before it degrades too far.
  • Some belive that the portals connect to each other underground.
  • A new cult has arisen in which devotees throw offerings into the portals. Mostly harmless, a splinter group has begun to throw in living beings and it is rumoured, people.

Inspired by : Door to Hell (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Door_to_Hell)

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