A noodle is common food found in many regions and country. It is cut into a variety of shapes, from flat thin strips to tubes, strings shells. Then can be pan or deep-fried and served with a sauce or soup. It is often this sauce that gives the noodle its flavor.

One region in particular is famous for it’s incredibly hot noodle soup, called Inferno Noodles. traditionally, the noodles are served in a watery , reddish soup, with a small bread roll to soak up the remains of the soup. It is this soup that gives the noodles it flavour. Rated as approximately 2,300,000 on the Scoville scale, the Infernal Noodles(IN) is a very popular dish, with many subtle variations and additions made to the dish, such as adding chicken or pork strips. A much weaker version of the dish(although still hot) is available for children and those with sensitive digestive systems.

Hook & Rumors

  • The recipe for infernal noodles has never been duplicated and competitors are willing to pay a LOT of money for the secret recipe
  • The original inventor of Infernal Noodles has a new chilli that could push the hotness rating up to 5 million or higher. However, she needs a group of people to test this new dish and compare it to the old one.
  • One of the local noodle restaurants is holding a “how much can you eat in an hour” competition, with the top prize being a lifetime supply of IN and a nice big glass of ice-cold milk. Medical assistance is included in the price of the meal.
  • Several families are fighting over the rights to calling themselves “The Original Infernal Noodle” restaurant. Investigations need to be made and fast as the arguments are starting to get more aggressive.

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