Lanterns of Landium

A lantern is a portable lighting device or mounted light fixture used to illuminate broad areas or for signaling. A lantern typically has a transparent case for the light within to shine out of and often a handle for the user to hold the lantern aloft.

Almost 800 years ago, 14 lantern were crafted by persons unknown. It was believed they was made for a gift to a ruler, but this has not been proven,even though it’s the most accepted idea. They have a handle made from ivory and the side panels are made from a clear glass. This glass is of a very high quality and focus the light within somehow,making it brighter than other lanterns or lamps of the same size.. The frame is made from what can best be described as black-gold, but with the strength and lightness of titanium. At the bottom lies a receptacle for the oil that fuels the lantern, which can fuel the lantern for up to 4 hours, depending on the fuel used.

These lanterns are fairly large, almost 2 feet high. Many scholars suggest that they would have been mounted on the walls of the city of Landium and not carried around like other lanterns. The fact that there appears to be a section on the bottom of all but one of the lanterns support this.

Hook & Rumors

  • There are in fact more than 14 of these lanterns in existence, but this knowledge is being suppressed to keep the value high.
  • One of the lanterns has been modified to run off the body fat from a human.
  • A persistent legend says that if all 14 lanterns are brought together and their light shines on each other during an eclipse, a wish will be granted.
  • The owner of one of the lanterns has been receiving an increasing number of threats and offers for their lantern.
  • A popular legend states that Landium never fell to invaders until after one of the lanterns was removed from its resting place.
  • A 15th lantern has been discovered and scholars from around the world are racing to determine if it is a true Landium Lantern or not.

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