Central Hall(CH) was built, quite by accident at the centre of the city in which it resides. This was only discovered when plans for rebuilding after a disaster(in which CH was spared) were found and studied. Approx 5 stories high(with several sub basements used for storage) and covers approx the same amount of ground space. The building itself is , on the outside, quite old-fashioned with an almost gothic cathedral look to it. It can seat approximately 5000 people at once across the various halls it has.

Within the hall many plays, concerts and musicals are performed. It’s popularity as a venue has waned over the years due to changing trends in theatre and concert goers, but those who want a more traditional atmosphere still regularly book the hall.


  • CH was built on its current location to be the base of a demon cult. This is also the reason it has survived wars and disaster undamaged as there is “something” buried under its lower basement.
  • In a bid to drive sales, the theatre owners has been offering cheaper seats to patrons, much to the disgust of other owners nearby.
  • In the hall’s archives, a document has been rumored to be discovered that proves who truly owns the CH and the surrounding land. this document has “gone missing” and if it does not turn up before midnight a week from today the land revert to the local authority.

This was created based on the ideas in this post

Article Used as Inspiration: Carnegie Hall

This adventure outline is to help start off your own ideas. The details are left to you to decide, such as rewards, difficulty of any creatures or NPCs encountered etc.

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