In the southern desert, approx 5 years ago, a holiday-maker stumbled across a set of ruins. Buried by the desert sands, these ruins had been covered for approximately 1000 years. Careful investigation revealed the ruins to be an outpost lost to time. Believed to be a covert military outpost, any markings that identify the nation to which it belongs to have either been erased or never existed in the first place. The site is much larger than first thought, covering approximately 1/2 a square mile. Excavation is taking longer than normal due to the shifting sands that surround it. Tourists come from the world over to see the ruins and those excavating it at work.


  • Several of the artifacts and items that were being exhibited in the local museums have started going missing, yet there are no signs of a break-in, leading investigations to belive it is an inside job.
  • Two nearby nations are claiming the dig site as their own, even though it lies it what has been considered to be neutral territory
  • Recently, a sealed chamber has been discovered near the center of the site. the door is sealed and covered in what is believed to be warnings.
  • Historians have noted that the desert seemed to appeared about the same time the site was constructed. These theories were initially laughed at, but more evidence is mounting to support it.

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