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Campaign Chunk – Lost Book of prophecy

Throughout the years there have been many so-called “True” books of prophecy. The vast majority of them are complete rubbish, written after the events that there were ment to foretell occurred. However a few have proven to be, whilst not accurate, almost uncanny in their predictions.

The LBP is named after the compiler and primary author, Janet Lost. This confusion between the name of the book , which is simply and correctly called “Book of Prophecy”, has resulted in many a historian becoming confused over the nature of the book and getting rather excited when they discover a reference to a “Lost” book.

The book itself is rather unremarkable in appearance and resembles a medium-sized encyclopedia in dimensions and cover. The pages are made from a treated form of paper to preserve them. There are no illustrations within the pages and in many ways it’s a rather boring book to look at. It is about 200 years old and is remarkably well-preserved and in good condition.

Like other books of the same nature, the LBP contents are rather vague, but surprisingly well organised. Each year has 12 prophecy, each being a paragraph or two assigned to it and by the current calendar ends in April of the year 2019. There is no mention of war or other disaster but the last, shortest and most famous entry reads thusly:

“The Light of the Storm shall bring terror to the dwellers in the stars”

Hooks & Rumours

  • The LBP was written by one person with multiple personality disorder
  • Janet Lost was a pen name for another author, rumored to be royalty
  • The pages appear to have a form of micro-fungus on them and anyone who comes into skin contact with them suffers from easily treatable hallucinations with 24 hours
  • The actual age of the book is undetermined and the current owner is refusing to allow tests to be done to determine the actual age of it.
  • Some belive that the accuracy of the book increases the further into it you get. A few say that the last 100 are an almost perfect match for the last 10 years.
  • The book is in fact twice as old as believed to be as reference have been discovered in titles written before the LBP was officially released
  • An astronomer has worked out that a major celestial event is due to occur on the day the of the last entry
  • Several versions of this book have been discovered, in various languages, but all with the same details

This was created based on the ideas in this post:

Article Used as Inspiration: Vaticinia Nostradami

Stats and details are expressed in generic terms to allow for use in as many games and genres as possible. As with other Campaign Chunks
this is designed to be used as a starting block for your own ideas.

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