Maketh Glass

A vase.
A vase. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maketh Glass is a variant of Hebron Glass. Hebron Glass is a form of glass that was produced in Hebron and made from sand from neighbouring villages, sodium carbonate ,and coloring additives such as iron oxide and copper oxide. The legend of the discovery of Maketh Glass, says that a traveling merchant from Maketh was visiting Hebron and was impressed by what was made with the glass.

After paying a high price for the recipe and secrets behind the glass, the merchant rapidly returned home and started to make their own version. Missing some colourants, the merchant added various chemicals he had in his possession instead. He ended up making around 20 or so items of various designs, from plane glass sheets to vases. The colouration varied greatly and was not as pleasing to the eye when compared to Hebron Glass. In a fit of rage the merchant threw the vase and other items he had made to the ground. The items did not break. Somehow the merchant had created a version of toughened glass that would be considered in modern times to be bullet resistant and is very difficult to break or even melt down.

Sadly, the merchant did not leave any notes on what chemicals were added or what processes he used to make the glass, although his apprentices did make some that were more pleasing in colouration and design. Over the years many others have tried to duplicate what the merchant and his apprentices made. Some have got close, but sadly non have come close to the toughness or quality of those made in the first batch.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Some version of the legend say that the recipe for Maketh glass was not purchased from Hebron but in fact from another location that no longer exits on any maps.
  • True Maketh Glass (those made by the apprentices) is very rare and very collectible. A cache has been discovered buried in the nearby desert and the locals are worried that robbers and those seeking a quick fortune will be descending on their lands to dig up and find more.
  • Due to MG having a very high melting temperature, studying it is very hard, yet a few scientists have been able to make some headway in studying what makes the glass so tough. Their results are to be published soon.
  • One of the original merchants first items have been discovered built into a church stained glass. The church wants to sell off this window to help with much-needed funds, but many locals are disputing this choice, even though the sale of this window could make a LOT of money.
  • Someone has gone public saying he has come the closest to duplicating the original recipe the merchant used. Authorities want this man found and brought to them unharmed before many people get conned out of their money.
  • Some belive that MG can break or become unstable when exposed to a certain frequency of sound after being coated into a certain liquid, thought to be an acid.As of yet this claim has yet to be verified.

Inspired by : Hebron Glass

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