5 years ago, whilst on an underwater expedition, a submersible research vessel was exploring the deep ocean. One day they ran into something that didn’t show up on their radar. This hard substance turned out to be what has become know as an Aquatic Antenna(AA). It was found embed into the hull of the submersible. Luckily enough the vessel was fine, but what they found has interested scientists the world over.

This AA is believed to be a sponge/coral hybrid unlike anything else known. It gets its name from the way it grows, like an antenna. When brought to the surface, many believed it to be an actual antenna covered with coral and other sea life. Underwater it is virtually invisible , due to the depth of the water it is found in and the fact that it Until its accidental discovery, this had never been seen before.

There is an ongoing debate if this substance is an animal, like a sponge or coral, or if there was a another creature or plant on which the sponge and coral grew on then was killed by those it hosted.

Hooks & Rumours

  • The AA appears to not reflect radar. This has interested military higher-ups who want more of this substance found for study and use.
  • Some belive that the AA is part of an organic early warning system for aliens and by remove the AA from its natural habitat we have alerted those who are monitoring it that we are ready to be attacked.
  • When in salt water and high pressure, the AA grows without any visible means of support. The original sample is now twice it’s orginal size and doesn’t seem to be stopping growing anytime soon.
  • Inside the AA at its core has been found the remains of an organic metal like creature. Sadly this material degrades very quickly when out of water , making studying difficult and requiring more of the AA.
  • Arguments are breaking out on what to officially call this discovery, with several famous scientists claiming naming rights and a place in the history books.
  • A very high-profile restaurant owner desires some of the AA material to offer in his flagship restaurant and eatery, but requires a regular supply.
  • The submersible that discovered the AA has degraded at a rate that would suggest it had been covered in acid. The worst area is where it interacted with the AA.


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Article Used as Inspiration: Eltanin Antenna

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