Balder rollercoaster at Liseberg amusement par...
Balder rollercoaster at Liseberg amusement park, as seen from The Liseberg Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mobius-Strip Roller Coaster

Theme parks are a fun location for almost all the family. They can have exciting, wild rides or more simple ones for the youngsters or those who prefer things more slow-paced. In one such theme park is one called the Eternity, also called the Mobius-coaster.

It gained it nickname for the fact that over-all the track loops and turns resembles a so-called Mobius loop. That and the fact the track is easily reconfigured into an infinite number of configurations and can do so in a matter of minutes. Turns can straighten out, bumps and loops appear and even have parts of the track turn upside-down. This is twice per day and is a popular event, with crowds gathering to see what new configurations the ride will become next. The popularity of the roller coaster is considered to be its major downside, with waiting times to ride, at peak times, being almost an hour, with some configuration making the ride much longer when compared to others and thus increasing the waiting time.

Despite the highly configurable nature of the track there has been only 1 injury, caused when one of the riders, who had a few drinks decided to try to get out mid ride. Luckily enough no-one else was injured and the ride was re-opened within a matter of minutes.

As with other ride, there are plenty of memorabilia to be purchased of your time on the ride,from pictures, to maps, to inflatable mascots and more.

Hooks & Rumours

  • The designer of the roller coaster apparently was declared insane after the ride was opened. Some Have believed it was the pressure of designing the ride that drove him mad, whilst others say he was mad in the first place. But yet another theory says this was to discredit the designer..why?
  • Rival parks are desperate to discover the technology and methods that allow for the Mobius configurations and have begun covert and overt operations to retrieve the designs and technology
  • The park has been hired by a wealthy industrialist for the night as a birthday present for her nephew. The players have been hired not only as security but as baby sitters.
  • The park is set in secluded woodland and environmentalists have begun a campaign with the park to repopulate the local area. This has generally been well received across the board apart from a small group of radicals who belive the park should be abandoned and let nature reclaim the land that the park now stands on.
  • A headstrong customer is suing the park owners due to , in his words “being let down by the experience of the ride”. This is a nonsense claim by someone who is a “professional complainer”. Your players have been asked to gather evidence by legal authorities to investigate both sides of the claim.
  • There is another legal argument going on with regards to the mascot, Mobi the squirrel, and the original owner, as it was once used by an old animation company, brought out by the parent company that own the roller coaster. Evidence is required to determine who actually owns the rights to Mobi’s image.

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