Campaign Chunk – The Shadow People

A shadow person is, as the name suggest a being that resembles a person, but is made of shadows. there is not details, as it looks like you are seeing someones shadow, but with no-one to cause it. Many who witness a shadow person (SP) have reported mixed emotions – some fear, some comfort, but all have been unable to move more than their eyes as the SP moves around the room, sometimes standing over them. They only manifest in areas where normal shadows would exist and so far all attempts to record or communicate with a SP has failed.

Many books, talk shows and lectures have given time to this phenomena, yet none have come to a complete agreement on what causes this occur. There are two main schools of thought that explains where these sightings come from. The first is that seeing one is a symptom of a sleep disorder or something similar. The other is that the shadow is part of a person’s soul trapped on this plane of existence, but what causes this is still up for debate.

The existence of the shadow people phenomena would have remained largely out the public eye, until a popular play “The Shadows of Life” became a huge success. This play deals with a small family, haunted over the years by an increasing number of SP, until the secret of their existence is revealed.

Hooks & Rumours

  • The number of incidents involving sightings or encounters with Shadow People has risen by almost 500% in the last few years
  • If the sighting of a SP is from sleep deprivation, why do they all look the same height, build etc?
  • Some have said that the SP made no overt moves and was in fact comforting to see them, whilst others have become f by normal shadows of people, including their own, because of their visitations
  • A few have reported that the SP only occurs on the night of a full moon
  • Some belive that the play “The Shadows of Life” was responsible for the increase in the reports of sightings of shadow people as a marketing gimmick. Investigators have been charged with finding evidence to prove or disprove this theory.
  • A few people have tried to record a SP a visitation and the players have been asked to assist in this matter by a scientist who is staking their reputation on getting proof that these beings actually exist and to study them further.

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