Dunfur is a small estate. Nothing special about it when compared to other nearby locations. It’s owning family , the Dunfers, have lived there for almost 120 years and although some of the outlying lands have been sold for various reason, the core are has always remained in the family.

One family tradition is that any family who have died and their body can be recovered safely is interred in the family vault. The vault is very large and goes under the mansion that sits in the center of the estate. A death some 20 years ago which opened the vault for a burial revealed a rather odd , some might say macabre sight. The coffins had been moved and some of them opened up and the inhabitants removed. Thinking this was a disgusting prank, the bodies were returned to their rightful place and the original funeral continued.

This would have been forgotten about if not for the fact that 6 months later another family member died. The vaults were once again opened and the scene that greeted them was found to be the same as before. The bodies were moved into the same positions and the coffins positioned in a weird pattern. This was repeated over the years, with the bodies being moved and positioned each time to the same places and locations

Hooks & Rumours

  • One popular theory is there is a secret passage that leads to a nearby estate run by a another family that has an ancient grudge and is messing with the corpses and coffins to make the Dunfurs think the place is haunted and leave.
  • The spirits of the ones interred there are trying to communicate with their descendents and moving the only link they have to the mortal world is the only thing they can do
  • The Dunfur family has suffered yet another death. They are getting worried and requires someone to patrol and guard the grounds over the next few weeks, including the vaults
  • Some occultist belive that the positions of the bodies and corpses has significant occult.
  • Legends say that if a family member that dies is not buried in the vaults, a plague of horror will fall on the region
  • The vault door shows no sign of tampering from without, but a few scratch marks and damage suggesting something was trying to get out.
  • A member of the Dunfur family is terminally ill and refuses to be buried in the vault(and has legal action prepared if their wishes are not met) until the mystery is solved

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Article Used as Inspiration: Chase Vault

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