With the next volume of Campaign Chunks out soon,this is the perfect opportunity to showcase the next 10 that are planned for volume 7.

As with anything, these are subject to change and alteration (such as the titles), but this is what I have got in my notes folder.

1 – Goat Refuge (location)
2 – Resurrected Caesear (cocktail/drink)
3 – Bloodthirsty White-Eared titi (creature variation)
4 – Maketh Glass (item)
5 – Aqua-Planet (location)
6 – Boat Race (event)
7 – White-Cap Mushroom (fungus)
8 – Blood Knights (group)
9 – Pilot Whale (animal)
10 – Blackout (event)

Most of these should be obvious what they are going to be about, but can you guess what spin or tweak I’ll be adding to them

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