Named for the shieldmaiden and a valkyrie in Richard Wagner’s opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen, the Brünnhilde is a classed as minesweeper vessel. That was its official classification. In reality it was a ship for testing new weapons and defences. At approximately 50 meters long, it was filled with new and dangerous technology and patrolled international waters performing it’s experiments. Once you was assigned to work on this ship, you stayed there. Some considered it to be a punishment to be assigned to the vessel, others the greatest of honors, even though those who served where forbidden of speaking of their experiences, under penalty of treason.


  • During its last mission 10 years, the Brünnhilde went missing. It has now been spotted, floating adrift in neutral waters.
  • Rumors persist that a few of the Brünnhilde experiments were not legal and hence why it spent so much time in international waters, away from legal restrictions.
  • A new type of depth-charge, with a yield 10x the current theoretical maximum, has gone missing from the ship.
  • The current captain of the S.S Brünnhilde is having a crisis of conscience and has sent a semi-garbled message to HQ that seems to indicate he might be about to defect to an enemy nation
  • Another department within the military has charged the players with infiltrating the Brünnhilde to discover just what they do onboard
  • The Brünnhilde was seen adrift and moving towards the waters of a another nation. All attempts to contact the ship have been prevented due to the nature of the Brünnhilde last experiment and if it does cross into enemy waters, it will be destroyed or even worse, captured.

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