Campaign Chunk Volume 10.8 – Lead Mask Cases

On August 20, 1966, a young man out kit flying discovered two bodies that were slightly covered in grass, had a formal suit, lead masks and waterproof coat on. Police found an empty water bottle and a packet containing two wet towels. A small notebook was also discovered which contained cryptic instructions about being at certain locations and to take certain tablets then drink from the bottle. The case becomes know as the “Lead Mask Case” and would fade into mystery and obscurity.

That is, until almost 50 years later, when another pair of bodies were discovered in the same location as the first two, by workmen laying foundations for a new building.
Unlike the first case, there were 4 bodies, this time, 2 male and two female, heavily decayed. The mask they had on were again made of lead and covered the eyes. This time, there was no towels, but the notebook was in a sealed container, protecting it from decay and destruction. The perfectly preserved book contained the same instructions as before only this time referenced a small vial and had instructions to seal the book within the protective box.

The second notebook makes references to the masks and other implements many times in what appears to be a garbled text. The text is a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese, with some Arabic words and letters as well. Some tests on the mask have revealed that it is made from a mixture of lead, iron and 1% of a radioactive material, possibly uranium.
Hooks & Rumours

  • One theory says that these two individuals were in fact part of a bizarre death cult, whilst another that the liquid in the water bottle contained some kind of potent hallucinogenic.
  • It is believed that the notebook contains instructions for another individual or group of people. Code-crackers have discovered an odd code embedded within the text, one of which indicates that there is another case older than the first Lead Mask Case yet to be discovered.
  • There are rumors that yet another series of bodies has been discovered , but as it is on the grounds of a famous individual as yet unnamed,the authorities are keeping this quiet to prevent a scandal or rumors spreading
  • The original masks have gone missing and can’t be found. The evidence is suggesting that they never made to a secure location in the first place. Now the second masks have “gone missing” as well.

Inspired by – Lead Masks Case

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