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Campaign Chunk Volume 13.09 – Wang Peony

The peony or paeony, sometimes even peony, is a flowering plant in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, Europe, and Western North America. Scientists differ on the number of species that can be distinguished ranging from 25 to 40, although the current consensus is 33 known species.

It is believed that these flowers were named after Paeon, a physician to the god Asclepius in Greek mythology. According to the legend, Zeus turned Paeon into the peony to save him from the anger of Asclepius, who had become jealous of his student’s healing abilities.

This particular flower, the Wang Peony, is subject to much amusement by those with a childish sense of humor, due to its name, which some believe to get its name from the fact that it’s centre part resembles what can best or politely be described as a gentleman’s…sausage.

The plant can reach up to almost 10 feet in height and 10 inches in diameter and comes in a wide variety of colors. Under optimal conditions, it can live for almost 100 years.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Peony is a symbol of peace, stability, luck and wealth in China. Red is also considered a good color. The two combined have made red peonies increasing popular at weddings, with large plants fetching a considerable sum. One particular large flower is requested for a wedding in 3 days time.
  • Despite the range of colors a peony can come in, there has yet to be a naturally grown blue one. Until now. The flower world is awash with claims from one H.J Fatten that they have grown several shades of blue peony. Experts are trying to find Fatten to validate this outlandish claim.
  • A farm for the Wang Peonies has been attacked and all the flowers destroyed in a fire by an extreme fundamentalist religious group claiming that the flower is a symbol of debauchery and filth and needs to be destroyed. Oddly, more than one group has claimed to be the ones who did the crime, despite being famous for not getting along with each other.
  • In ancient times peonies were believed to relieve headaches and help with asthma. One breed of peony has been claimed to be able to prevent asthma attacks for up to 2 months once it is dried, ground up and mixed wth modern medicine.

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