After careful consideration and feedback, I have decided I need to change what I do or post on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Chunks/Outlines series was never a major seller or garnered much positive feedback. So, starting today, the series is on hiatus. As has been correctly pointed out, my editing & formatting sucks and needs to be worked on. With the generators and what I call smaller text products this does not show up as much, with the larger text items, such as the Chunk series, this weakness of mine shows up in a big way. Perhaps it’s my dyslexia or something else, I don’t know. Either way, it’s something that needs to be addressed.

Having Wednesday and Thursday now free opens up more opportunities. I will be expanding on what I originally planned, but sometimes there will be no posts on a Wed or a Thursday. The rest of the week will be staying the same.


The current options I have for these days now are as follows 

  1. Easthalen & USG (Unnamed sci-fi Game) Designers Diary and related materials
  2. Rants and Ramblings – These will be a stream of consciousness type thing, where I pick a subject and rant or ramble about it. A way to get things off my chest or out into the open. It doesn’t mean all negativity, just a way of getting my thoughts on a subject out there into the world. It will be mostly themed around RPGs and gaming, with the very occasional non-gaming subject.
  3. Previews – This won’t be regular as some of the items don’t really review well, but the occasional snippet or intro text etc.
  4. “Licensed” Items – This will be for existing game system/settings. Each game and system can have their own rules on what can be used officially and on commercial blogs etc, so these will be looked into on a system by system basis.
  5. How I do things – This is more how I, as both a player and GM, do things, such as character creation, house rules and the like. It may not be the “correct” or “optimum” way of doing it, but it works for me. If it works for you as well, then feel free to use my methods but they won’t work or be suitable for everyone.
  6. Other Stuff – This covers anything else that doesn’t fit into the above categories.


Some things that I won’t be doing regularly (at least not much, once in a blue moon sort of thing)

  1. Reviews – There are plenty of excellent reviewers out there, such as the awesome  Endzeitgeist and I won’t be adding to the pile or taking views away from them.  If I do highlight something it will be because I personally really enjoyed it and want to endorse it and share with others a purchase I made. It’ll be a mention amongst other posts such as “After reading [x] I had this idea……”
  2. Call outs and overtly negative posts – Yes I may ramble and rant, but the types of post I am referring to is when you see someone call out or point to a particular individual (or company) in a negative way. “I really don’t like what [x] is doing because of [y]” type posts? Sure, but I’ll do my best to keep those to a minimum if I do them at all.
  3. Real-life drama – I have health issues, both physical and for want of a better term, mental. If these get worse, and sometimes it does, it can affect me enough that I can’t work or post. It’s not something I have much control over and just sometimes, despite all my best efforts, it means I simply cannot focus enough to get the things I want to be done. Being the sole person who has to do everything for EG, from research to design and everything else it can tire me out and make things worse. Please believe me when I say that missing things such as blog posts or not being able to bring out a pdf on time is not something I enjoy doing, especially as it costs me money when I do so.


Things I’d like to do but know it would take too much time or money to get done right now

These are things that, if I, for example, won the lottery or it turns out I am secretly the child of a billionaire who has left me their fortune in their will I would do, but can’t right now because of costs or time, especially factoring in the aforementioned health issues.

  1. Hire others to ease the workload or improve quality or current materials.  This is for both regular publication work and the blog. I’d be able to hire, even on a freelance system content creators to makes things better all round.
  2. Set up for a vid/stream for regular games to help show off work and publically test ideas etc.
  3. Purchase a lot more materials – This includes new work machines, software, training on new software etc.


If you have got to the end of this, thank you for taking the time to read it.

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