Roll a D10 and see what Chaos effect occurs (duration is until next sunrise unless stated otherwise)

  1.  At next settlement visited, caster is mistaken for founder, even if they have died
  2. Roll again, effect is delayed for 24 hours, but the caster is given warning by a talking raven
  3. Any negative effect within 30 feet is removed
  4. Casters skin looks like stone but feels normal
  5. Next suggestion the caster makes to someone is obeyed(as long as it harms no-one directly)
  6. A very valuable gem appears in the caster’s pocket – This is a normal gem and will not disapear unless sold etc.
  7. Caster is sent 1000 years into the future for 1d4 hours, then returns to the spot they disapeared from
  8. All coins the caster carries are now worthless
  9. Any rings worn by the caster shrink one size
  10. Dramtic music plays whenever the caster speaks

What is a Chaos Effect? This is a random effect that happens when chaos magic, a chaotic deity or something similar has a power surge (a 1 in 20 chance) – They may be good, bad, nasty, humorous or even lethal.The only sure thing is that it will eventually happen.

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