Roll a D10 and see what Chaos effect occurs (duration is untilnext sunrise unless stated otherwise)

  1.  Nothing appears to happen, but sizable donation is made to the nearest church or ruling body in the casters name
  2. Caster becomes immune to Hold based effects
  3. Caster can’t kill anything on purpose for the duration
  4. Caster thinks it’s 3:30 pm on a Tuesday (or local equivalent) and refuese to belive anything else for 1 week
  5. Effects on the caster affect a random target instead
  6. Caster sense become mixed (so they can taste sounds, hear colours etc)
  7. Casters smile appears superhumanly perfect
  8. Caster forgets their name
  9. All trees within 500 feet radius drop their leaves
  10. All vegetation within 1 mile turns blood-red


What is a Chaos Effect? This is a random effect that happens when chaos magic, a chaotice detity or something similar has a power surge (a 1 in 20 chance) – They may be good, bad, nasty, humeorus or even lethal.The only sure thing is that it will eventually happen.

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