Sometimes you have the stats and you just need a bit of background to help fill out a character

This gnomish character has the following skeletal background :

Location :
Original Community Size: Dwarven-Dominated Area
(Your family lives among the dwarves.) The dwarven area was a – Large Mine
(Up to 200 dwarves work a mine of this size.)
Climate and Terrain of Area: Cold (Arctic/Subarctic)
(It’s cold all year long, although seasons are still discernable. The length of day and night changes greatly from season to season.)
(You grew up in a subterranean community far beneath the surface of the world.)

Familial Information : (These are about those that you consider family, not neccessarily blood relatives)
Economic Status: Wealthy
(Your family owns a dwelling and may own other property. Family income significantly exceeds basic needs.)
Social Standing: Religious, Arcane, Monastic, or Military Affiliation (Positive)
(Your family is closely tied to a group that’s generally well regarded by the community, like a local church or helpful monastery.)
Defensive Readiness: Hired
(Your family relies on outside protection such as guards or mercenaries.)
Private Ethics: Untrustworthy
(Your family often tries to break agreements or recant promises.)
Public Ethics: Normal
(Your family’s ethical reputation matches their private ethics.)
Religious Commitment: Open Heretics
(Your family believes in a religious movement considered heretical or dangerous by the community at large.)
Reputation: Good
(Your family is known as stalwart companions.)
Political Views: Enfranchised Radical
(Your faimly is a part of the system but is actively seeking to change the system.)
Power Structure: Elders
(The oldest members control your family.)
Ancestors of Note: Unsuccessful Founder
(Your family has an ancestor who founded a community that has ceased to exist.)

Education : (All character learn some basic skills as children. This may or may not provide direction for their later years.)
Early Childhood Instruction: Multicultural
(You traveled or moved enough to learn that the world is a big place with many different people and places.)
Formal Education: Magic
(You studied “Defense Against The Dark Arts” and learned ways to fight monsters and battle the influence of black magic.)
Learning A Trade: Hunter/Trapper
(You’ve spent time seeking animal skins or meat in the wilderness.)

Life Events (Thus Far) : (Childhood triumphs and tragedies)
Early Childhood Events: Survived Childhood Danger
(Perhaps you were menaced by a dangerous creature or kidnapped by raiders.)
Youth Events: Discovery
(You found a unique aptitude or talent such as extrememly keen vision or a knack for ventriloquism.)
Pivotal Events: Refugee
(As a result of some calamity, you were forced to become a displaced person.)

Relationships : (This is the basic information about your true family.)
Parents: Two Living Parents
(Both parents are alive and healthy.)
Siblings: Oldest
(You have 2 younger siblings.)
Grandparents: Mother’s Parents Alive
(Father’s parents are deceased.)
Extended Family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, etc.): Few Living Relatives
(You have 3 living relative(s).)
Friends: Few
(You don’t make friends easily, but you’re a good freind to them. You have a few close friends.)
Enemies: Romantic Rival
(You edged someone out in some affair of the heart, and they hold a grudge.)
Instructors: Advanced
(A top-notch instructor taught you more advanced military, religious, or arcane techniques.)

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