Today is the start of the new(ish) Chunk series, what used to be called Campaign Chunks and RIGS are now combined into one and their options expanded. Will be covering different genres on each Wednesday and Thursday, with Wednesday being Fantasy/Medieval and Thursday being SciFi/Modern. Each post type will be marked with an appropriate [tag] to make searching easier and to show you at a glance what the Chunk covers. Each tag will have their own modified format but will typical follow the same base outline structure with intro/flavour text, rough mechanical details about the subject matter and text explaining or going over the subject.

A Chunk of Fantasy 1.01 – The Shocking Door [Fantasy – Trap]

“The door stood there, looming and menacing, yet none could say why. They needed to get past it. But all who got close could feel the hairs on the back of their neck stand up. There was something wrong, something…off..about it. So Belo reaches forward and grasped the handle tentatively, expecting to be shocked by the handle or for it to set off a trap. There was nothing. The handle turned and still…nothing but the weird feeling in the air. It wasn’t until he touched the door properly to open it we realised what the trap was. I can still hear his screams and smell the burned flesh when I sleep at night”

Trap Rating – 50/100 (used to determine lethality, chance to spot, disarm etc)
Reset – Always on, but a short cooldown of 20 seconds or so after being activated
Trigger – Touch handle and door at the same time
Effect – Electrocution

The Shocking Door is a classic simple trap, with a sneaky twist. The trap is considered to be always on, but once you know about it, easy to bypass. Simply being near the Shocking Door can be enough to alert you that there is something odd or off about this door. No matter the door design, size or shape there are always two things that these trapped doors share, a metal handle and something on or in the door itself to complete the circuit.

It is only when the victim is touching both the handle and another part of the door, which is often a push plate or similar, that the traps fire off. A massive electrical jolt surges through the victim’s body as if they had been struck by a rather potent lightning bolt.

To bypass this trap, one must simply grasp the handle firmly and push, without touching another part of the door. Some variations of the trap include the door frame in it as well, so as to affect larger creatures or those who think that keeping away from the rest of the door will help.

Due to the nature of the trap, disarming is not really possible without destroying the door, but the charge takes about 20 seconds or so to build up to lethal levels again after firing off.
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