A Chunk of Fantasy 1.02 – The Pit of Destruction [Dungeon]

“Day 3 – The locals still run away scared when we ask about the pit of destruction. Burt tries to try to tell them it was just a name made to scare away the foolish, but I don’t think it helps. Day 5 – We bribe one of the locals to take us to a possible location. We find an entrance right away, hidden behind a waterfall. Day 8. Still exploring the location. The pit is deep, very deep. Will take another day with rests to reach the bottom. It’s overgrown with weeds and making progress difficult. Day 9 – I think I know now why this pace got the name it has. We thought it was a base of operations for an ancient warlord. Turns out it was his prison and what remains of him and his army is still here…”

Main Entrance – Behind a waterfall
Layout – A deep hole with mine like branches coming off of it
Original Purpose – A working prison & laboratory
Walls and floors – Rough Stone
Lighting – Glowing Fungus with a few perma-light spells
Heating – None
Inhabitants – Mindless Undead

The Pit of Destruction, also known as the Destruction Pit, was made for a single purpose. To figure out how to kill a certain warlord. In ages past, this particular warlord had found a way to become functionally immortal, without becoming a vampire or lich. Killing him by conventional methods didn’t work, as somehow he always returned. Imprisonment was the only option available.

A location was found at the bottom of an extremely deep pit. This location had originally been used a simple branch mine. Although hard to get to, it provided much wealth for those willing to explore the area. It also provided a perfect location to contain the warlord and his army, whilst the local sages and alchemists worked on a way of removing his pseudo-immortality.This was much easier to cover up than first thought. One of the nearby rivers was diverted to help cover the entrance and hide the work being done. This pleased many of the people in the surrounding area as it had been known to flood and cause them problems.

All was going well until 5 years after the imprisonment and conversion of the pit, which had already got the nickname “pit of destruction” from those working there, as they tried to figure out a way of destroying this evil beings power. Seemingly overnight, the other prisoners died and got resurrected as zombie-like creatures. They, in turn, killed the others who lived and worked there until, in a matter of hours, the entire population was “dead”.

The undead that tried to leave were held back by the waterfall. It seemed this river had as one of its sources a spring that many considered to be holy, making the water a natural barrier to the undead. With no other way out, and local resources spread thin by wars, the location was abandoned, all records removed. Eventually, the location passed into local legend as a place where to fear, with no-one alive who knows the true purpose of the PoD, except for a certain unnamed warlord that remains in there to this day.

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