A Chunk of Fantasy 1.03 – The Explorers Guild [Organisation]

“So you wanna join the Explorers Guild do ya? Well, It’s easier than most people think. We WANT people to join, but we also know that that we can’t just let anyone in… Oh, don’t look at me like that. We have men, women, Orcs, dwarfs, hell there’s even a golem here as well and trust me, she is someone you don’t want to upset. See, we only care about exploring this world and the ones beyond. There is so much out there to see and do, so many people to meet, food to taste and lost artefacts to find and bring back home. We’ll help you, hell we’ll even provide you with appropriate services, for a small fee of course, but this is why we can’t just let anyone join without them proving first that they follow the same ideals as us. The first part is this interview, then we got a nice little, simple enough test for ya…”

Organisation Type: Guild/Club
Open to: Anyone who can pass the entrance test and a short interview – Discrimination is not allowed
Guild fees: Up to 10% depending on service used
Services: Lodging, Transport, Guards, Retrieval – Anything to do with exploring and adventuring

The Explorers Guild goes by many names: The Adventurers Club, The Curious Collective and much more. Their creed is simple. To explore this world and all the ones beyond.
When they were first formed, over 300 years ago by an old group of travelling companions, they only explored the would on which they were founded. After the discovery of the multiverse, the EG expanded their remit. They have developed a reputation as an honourable group, able to get the most extreme jobs done. They don’t take on clients who want to them to kill or deliberately harm, and repeatedly asking them to do so may result in you being blacklisted. That’s not to say they won’t kill if needed, but they are explorers, not hired mercenary or assassins.

They are often hired to help retrieve lost items, people, knowledge or such like. They charge a fee to their clients based on the difficulty of the task required, ranging from a few copper to many thousands of platinum pieces. A few of their members will do jobs for the prestige alone or because the client is in genuine need of help and it is something that lower members of the guild are encouraged to do from time to time. This semi-charitable nature has earned the AG a lot of good will over the years and as such, branches of the guild are found in almost every major city. To be blacklisted, publicly shamed or even expelled by the EG carries a lot of negative social weight.

Their rules are simple
1 – Treat all within the guild with respect and dignity.
2 – Treat all cultures and groups you encounter as if they was your own.
3 – 10% of income made via using guild services or members must be paid back in fees for upkeep of buildings, paying a decent wage for staff etc.

Those within the guild get access to lodging, transport, access to their libraries, tasks from clients, helping with the selling of goods, medical treatment – If it’s something a typical adventurer would need, the EG can provide.

Joining the guild is quite simple, but not always easy. First, a simple interview is given. Then, either at the interview or a few days later, the applicant is given a task. Normally this is a non-urgent request from a client, who has been given a discount to allow an applicant to deal with their request. Pass this and they are in and all the guild services and benefits are open to them.

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