A Chunk of Fantasy 1.04 – FNV Fortunes’ Fury [Vehicle]

“Ahh the Fury, such a great ship. I have served on her for almost 20 years now. The only other person to sail on her longer is the captain herself. Apparently, she won the ship from a down on his luck gambler. But you are part of the crew now and bound by The Oath. You may have heard rumours about the Fury. Well, the Franner Naval Vessel Fortune’s Fury to use her full title is, in fact, a privateer ship. We raid those that would attack our city-states transport and citizens. We get to keep 90% of what we liberate, but from time to time we are told a certain object or person is to be avoided. Now before I say anymore it’s time we introduced you to B’erthi and Reginard…”

Ship type: Privateer designation (unknown official classification)
Primary Propulsion: The Wind
Secondary Propulsion: Bound Elementals
Primary Weapons: Enchanted Cannons and Ramming Spike
Primary Defence: Regenerative Hull

The FNV Fortunes’ Fury appears to be a standard naval vessel. Anyone who sees it when not engaged in operations will see a nondescript ship moving slowly along, if a bit low, in the water. It seems to move as if it is dragging itself through the water, almost as if it’s on a cruise and is simply enjoy the flow of the ocean along its hull. It is believed to have been constructed 150 years ago, based on the style of the ship, but due to its regenerating hull, this cannot be confirmed one way or the other.

In many ways, this is not far from the truth. Although the primary propulsion is wind, there are two bound water elementals, nicknamed B’erthi and Reginard by the crew,  on the ship, one on each side of the hull. On command from the captain or one of her approved representatives, the bound water elementals unleash their power out the back of the vessel, in effect giving the Fury an incredible speed boost unseen by anything else. Many ships would shake apart from the forces unleashed like this, and so would the Fury, if not for its ability to regenerate damage. These two features, along with the enchanted ramming spike and cannons, makes it one of the most deadly vessels around. Survivors of encounters with the Fury have reported hearing the ship before seeing it. If you do somehow manage to avoid the deadly ramming spike, the cannons will be able to unleash a fearsome broadside as it passes.

Despite all its power and the facts it’ semi-indestructible, the Fury does have one major weakness. This weakness is referred to in the official records as the “organic component” of the ship. In the common tongue, this means the crew. They are susceptible to damage if in the open, plus activating the elemental speed boost can knock over or even injure the crew if they are not prepared. One such incident occurred to the previous captain when he activated the speed boost before all the crew has braced, resulting in the poor soul who was in the crows nest meeting a rather unpleasant end as the ship ripped away from underneath him. Some rumours from the crew suggest that this was why the previous captain “lost” the command of the Fury to its present captain, but when asked about she merely grins.

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