A Chunk of Fantasy 1.08 Wild Steel [Material]

“You honestly think that steel blade can harm me? I am a top tier Chaos Mage, feared throughout the lands, your blades cannot….wait….is that…Keep that blade away from me…do not let it touch me. Listen we are in terrible danger because of that blade. It is made from Wild Steel, you know what that is yes? If it touches me it can cause …wait…you DO not what it is, don’t you? Did you bring it here because of that fact? Seems like the prophecy is going to come true after all…”
Last words of famed Chaos Magician, Lord Farnum Furbert

Base Material – Steel
Primary effect – Reacts with chaos magic
Secondary effect – Each blade, armour or bit of equipment made from it develops a unique twist or quirk
Know also as – Chaos Bane, Fractal Steel

Wild Steel was is a silvery-grey metal. It is considered an unnatural metal in that it only forms in areas of high chaos magic. To be exact, Wild Steel is formed when Iron Ore is infused with chaotic magic and melted down and made into steel. Once made into steel, the metal takes on a slight colouration and swirls that only be seen by those sensitive to magic or chaotic elements. They say it has an ethereal, almost dangerous beauty to it like chaos has been forced into a solid form and bound to a metal. This poetic description is more accurate than they realise.

The properties of Wild Steel is, for the most part, the same as normal mundane steel. It has two main properties. The first is that it interacts violently with other chaos magic, especially magic users. It seems to draw out all their power in one go and reflect it back on them. Those that dabble in the chaotic arts often refuse to be in the same room as Wild Steel because of this.

The second property of WS is a rather odd one. Every weapon, a bit of armour or equipment that contains Wild Steel develops a unique twist, feature or property. No two items have the same, even if mass produced by the same person from the same batch of iron using the exact same methods. These properties can vary from the useful, such as the metal being self-repairing, to the dangerous, such as the item drawing on the life force of the user each time it is used, to the odd, such one famous dagger made from WS making what could best be described as a clown horn noise when it struck someone, to merely cosmetic changes. So far, over several thousand effects have been noticed, with no discernable pattern to them. Some can be minor, almost nuisances, with a few borderline artefact level with regards to their power. There are rumours that there is one location that has coins made fro WS. Chaos mages are advised to avoid this area at all costs.

Many locations have banned Wild steel, and a few have detectors and spells in place to highlight any that may turn up. Some have suggested that a permit is required to own a WS item, once it has been tested and proved to have a safe or cosmetic secondary effect. Small wars and grudges have been fought and held over these items, especially the more powerful ones. Rumours persist of an entire vault full of items made from WS. If this was found to be true, the consequences would be disastrous for all.

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